The Little Black & White Book Project

At Marcella's Meadow we are pleased to have some products from The Little Black & White Book Company. Here is their story.
About The Little Black & White Book Project

Whilst pregnant with my son I learned about the benefits of showing him black and white images to help his early visual development. Underwhelmed by the range of books I could find I set about creating my own illustrations featuring animals we had seen on our travels and whilst living in Asia. After sharing with other new parents it soon became clear there was a gap in the market for some high quality content of this kind and the business grew from there as my son slept on me in a sling.

My mission is to inspire the next generation of animal lovers and conservationists from as early an age as possible sharing animals from all over the world in books, flash cards, prints and accessories.

I also believe that people and planet can profit which is why I donate 25% of profits to wildlife charities. To give back to the animals that inspire the brand.